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About Us

At Love Water we believe that...

- Swimming is FUN and an essential life skill!

- Everybody deserves to enjoy spending time in water!

- Swimming opens the door to many water-based activities! 

- Time in water is good for your mental health.

- Swimming develops other fundamental movement skills, which help with day-to-day life and other sports!

- Technique is important! 

- Swimming is a great way to keep fit and healthy.

Hi! My name is Katie. I've been been a swim teacher for over 17 years! My love for water started with a journey around the world aged 19. I travelled to Miami, New York, Guyana, Spain, and ended up in Thailand, where I taught disadvantaged communities. I absolutely loved teaching and still do! 

Hi, I'm Steph! My love for water started at a young age as a competitive swimmer. I no longer compete but I love spending time in water - either swimming for fitness, doing water sports, or just floating and enjoying the view. I became a fully-qualified swimming instructor in 2018 - best decision ever! 

Love Water Swim School

We're Steph & Katie!
Teaching swimming lessons in Barnet, Mill Hill and Bishops Stortford

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