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Booking & payment

  • Swimmers must complete the booking form.

  • Places are booked on a first come first served basis (limited places available).

  • A full term must be paid in advance. Your place is only guaranteed when the payment and booking form have been received.

  • Swimmers joining a lesson mid-term will be charged on a pro-rata basis for that term based on the number of lessons remaining.

  • Payment is due before the start of the term or before the first lesson that you attend.

  • Swimmers are charged on a termly basis, based on the number of lessons per term. (Terms usually last between 12-14 weeks depending on the school dates, and all dates will be confirmed prior to the new term starting.)

  • We accept bank transfer.



  • Swimmers will not be refunded for non-attendance (e.g. holiday, illness, work-related matters),

  • Love Water Swim School reserves the right to retain payment for booked places, regardless of attendance.



  • All cancellations must be submitted by email to lovewaterswimschool@gmail.com at least one week prior to the first date of the start of term. Failure to give one week’s notice will result in full charges for the first two lessons.

  • Swimmers that cancel in writing after Lesson 1 but before Lesson 6 will receive a refund for the remaining lessons in the term.

  • Swimmers cancelling after Lesson 6 of the term will be charged the full term (usually 12 lessons per term).

  • Swimmers on leave for an extended period of time can choose to cancel, and their place will not be reserved. Rebooking is subject to availability.

  • Love Water Swim School may cancel lessons at short notice in the event of an emergency pool closure or teacher sickness. Refunds for that lesson would be issued.


Contact & personal information

  • Your personal information will be used solely for Love Water Swim School contact purposes and will not be shared externally.

  • To enable us to contact you, please ensure that all contact details are accurate when completing your registration on the booking form. Please call 07425 127782 or email lovewaterswimschool@gmail.com if your details change. 

  • For safety reasons, instructors must not be distracted by parents during lessons. Please call or email any concerns.

  • All our teachers are qualified Swim England Level 2 instructors. All are DBS checked and undergo continuous professional development.



  • Strictly no photos or videos allowed.

  • Love Water Swim School is committed to providing an environment in which all children participating in its activities have a safe and positive experience. A summary can be read here.

  • As a Swim England Swim School, we follow the policies referred to in their Child Protection guidance "WAVEPOWER". Full details can be found here: http://www.swimming.org/asa/clubs-and-members/safeguarding-children/


What to bring/Hygiene/Etiquette

  • Love Water Swim School recommends that each swimmer brings: swim goggles, tight fitting swim wear, and a swim hat. Goggles are highly recommended for ages 3 and above.

  • Babies must wear a swim nappy underneath their swimwear. This must be put on just before the baby enters the water.

  • All swimmers must go to the toilet before entering the pool.

  • Swimmers should not have eaten for at least 1 hour prior to getting into the water.

  • Plastic shoe covers (where provided) must be worn over all outdoor footwear, or clean flip flops to wear to walk around poolside.


Covid policies

  • Lockers are out of use. Please bring all personal items onto poolside.

  • Please come “swim ready”. This means adults and children wear their swimwear under their clothes, to ensure as quick a change as possible.

  • There will be numbered stations around the changing room to ensure social distancing. Please try to be as fast as possible in the changing room.

  • Adults must wear a face covering at all times when not in the water.

  • There are baby changing and disabled facilities.

  • Please inform us straight away if you or a family member has a high temperature, cold, flu or fever-like symptoms. You must self-isolate and will be unable to attend your swimming lessons.